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What is Mediation

Going to court is the traditional way of resolving disputes. Whether it's for a divorce, landlord/tenant conflict or a business disagreement, court cases can be extremely expensive and often take an enormous amount of time to complete.

There is a more private and less costly way to resolve disputes outside of the court. It's called mediation. Mediation is recognized as a legal alternative to litigation using the court system.

How the Mediation Process Works

During mediation, both parties meet with the mediator to help resolve the issue in dispute. The mediator has been trained to use various techniques to help improve the discussion and empathy between disputing parties. The mediator does not make judgments like a judge would. Instead, the mediator acts as a neutral participant and helps facilitate the discussion and resolution rather than deciding the outcome.

Why Mediation Works

Mediation works because it allows the disputing parties to choose the solution that works best for them. The American Arbitration Association has reported that more than 85% of mediations result in a settlement, even when prior attempts at settlement have failed.

Because mediation provides a format where the opposing parties can discuss their feelings, a more realistic view of the disputants' positions can be examined (one not filtered by attorneys) and this often results in a mutually agreeable settlement that might not have been achieved in a court room.

In Utah, Mediation is Often Required

In the case of a divorce, the Utah courts may require a mandatory divorce mediation. Because divorce usually involves families with children and parenting agreements, mediation is thought to allow the parties to find solutions that may resolve the case more quickly while still maintaining some form of a relationship between former spouses. It's also much cheaper than a full-blown court scenario and it is certainly less stressful.

Why Choose Us For Your Mediation?

I have a Communication degree from the University of Utah. I am qualified to mediate domestic issues with the state of Utah. I have specialized training in landlord/tenant and domestic violence issues.

I am a member of both the Utah State Bar Dispute Resolution Section and the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution (UCCR).

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